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Our Vision


Our Rights Respecting Parents and our Rights Respecting Children working together to make a difference! 

What We Do Matters To Allenby Primary School


School Mission Statement

School Aims

The Governing Body of Allenby Primary School, in conjunction with all staff, aim to provide the following: - 

  • A learning environment which will reflect the different cultures within the school and help children to:
    • develop character
    • prepare for future school life
    • respect their own and others culture
    • encourage the use of initiative
    • develop questioning skills
    • care for themselves, each other and the immediate environment
    • feel happy and develop confidence
    • learn 
  • A curriculum which will:
    • meet the requirements of the National Curriculum
    • encourage a love of learning
    • be based on creative and cross curricular teaching
    • give equal opportunities for learning
    • meet the needs of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as outlined in the EYFS framework, using adult and child initiated activities
    • balance practical learning with whole class based teaching
    • make use of the local environment
    • ensure the special educational needs of the children are addressed
    • be broad and balanced within the constraints of government initiatives
    • set realistic but challenging targets to raise teaching and learning
    • make children aware of a changing world
    • develop their ability to communicate
    • ensure continuity and progression 
  • A code of behaviour which will:
    • be based on positive rewards and praise based on our school values
    • have clear expectations known by children and circulated to parents
    • be implemented consistently by all staff
    • promote self esteem
    • create a feeling of safety and security
    • expect children to be thoughtful and aware of the needs of others, the environment and the natural world
    • develop acceptable social skills, including politeness to adults 
  • A partnership between parents and the school to:
    • help parents feel that ‘Allenby’ is their school
    • help parents to develop an understanding of what children do in school
    • foster links between the child as a pupil and the child as a member of a family
    • help parents to feel welcome and comfortable about being in school
    • ensure parents have information about their child’s progress
    • help parents to feel confident that their children are in a secure environment
    • develop strong links to the local community 
  • A staff who:
    • provide a stimulating working and learning environment
    • have a thirst to learn and develop
    • are inspiring role models
    • regularly have opportunities to feel a sense of achievement
    • feel they are valued members of a whole school team
    • work towards achieving realistic but challenging goals
    • support children’s learning
    • share ideas
    • communicate with each other professionally
    • are forward looking
    • are aware of individual needs
    • take up opportunities for training and development
    • feel supported by management and each other
    • have structured systems and procedures in place 
  • A site which is:
    • safe and secure
    • clean
    • well maintained
    • attractive and welcoming
  • A balanced budget which is managed to:
    • include where possible, a contingency to help balance the budget from one year to the next
    • ensure savings will be directed to specific projects as identified from the school improvement plan 
  • A Governing Body which will support the work of the staff and children by:
    • providing a strategic overview
    • acting as a ‘critical friend’
    • ensuring accountability
    • attending meetings regularly
    • being prepared for meetings 
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