"The teachers are kind and welcoming and allow you to try new things. If you need extra help, teachers are always there."

Senior Leadership Team


School Business Manager Mrs M. Howard
School Administrator Mrs L. Joseph

Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Nursery Miss Ramos - Paulo
Mrs Kazi
Miss Tomkins
Reception Mr Gulka

Ms Howard

Miss Tomkins

Miss Chase

Year 1 Ms Yendell

Mrs Sheriff

Mrs Naz

Year 2

Miss Ahmed

Mrs Sahans

Ms S Khan

Year 3 Mrs Bharadwaj
Mrs Rodway
Ms S Khan 
Year 4 Mrs Kaur

Ms Teale

Mrs Munir 

Year 5 Ms De Geus
Ms Hancock
Year 6 Mr Lusk
Miss Bassan
Infant Unit Ms Zelechowska

Mrs Gaj

Mrs Boudoukha

Junior Unit Mr Pascoe
Mrs Jnagal

Mrs Bhachu

Mrs Saran

PE Ms Gore
Teacher Mr Cardosa
Pupil Premium
French Mdm Ballay

Other Members Of Staff

SMSA Mrs U. Naz
Mrs N. Ahmed
Miss J. Chase
Mrs F. Akram
Mrs B. Sura
Harrisons Catering Mrs M. Chatterjee
Mrs M. Nyarko
Mrs V. Santilal
Mrs M. Askrenithas
Site Manager Mr K. Pankhania
Cleaners Mrs K. Bhatti
Mrs M. Odedra
Mrs N. Banger
Mrs J. Gaches