UNICEF United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - Article 7: Every child has the right to a legal name and nationality, as well as the right to know and, as far as possible, to be cared for by their parents.  
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Message from Headteacher


Dear Visitors,

Welcome to our website for Allenby Primary School!

I took the post of Headteacher at Allenby, in January 2011 and it has been the second best decision I have made in my career to date. The first was a change to teaching from banking and I have never looked back!

Being the Headteacher of Allenby Primary School is a fantastic job and I love it! Before I came to Allenby, I had only worked at larger schools with many more children and staff. I find that at Allenby, we are a ‘family’ school where staff know all the children and most of the parents. Many visitors comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere from the moment they enter our lobby. Visitors have also commented that they really like the way that children and parents are welcomed into school in the playground, in the mornings.

All staff at Allenby really care about the children and we listen to every child as they have a right to be heard (article 12), the right to learn (article 28) and the right to join in with others (article 15).

Allenby is proud to be a Rights Respecting school and we were the first school in the London Borough of Ealling to be accredited by UNICEF! In November 2013, Allenby was awarded a Level 1 certification. Children and staff are now working towards our Level 2.

Many children start Allenby with either little or no English or English as a second language. This does not hold us back from working with every child so that they are a success by the time they leave Allenby. As I have often referred to in assemblies, I could not speak any English until at least the age of 5 when I started my primary education. Language is not a barrier to learning at Allenby Primary School.

My intention is that the school moves to outstanding within the next two years as the children deserve it and we are already 'better than good'.

This will be achieved through children, parents, governors and staff working together.

Please do enjoy browsing our website. Your feedback is welcomed as it will help to mould the website to suit the needs of our most important people, our children.

Mrs B. Ahluwalia